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Design & r&d

Technical precipitation: the company has established mould design standards, experience sharing system, with a wealth of mould cases.

Participated in preliminary product analysis:

1.Confirm product drawing

2.Product defect inspection

3.Assembly relationship inspection and reasonable Suggestions

4.Preliminary CAE model flow analysis

5.Calculation of mould clamping force and Suggestions on injection molding equipment selection

6.Suggestions on b-side structure design and rationality

7.Design and analysis of wall thickness (non-uniform wall thickness)

8.Product rationalization design and Suggestions for cost reduction

9.Design of mold contour arrangement scheme

10.Die failure risk assessment

Design ability: full 3D design; Multi-scheme model flow analysis; Meticulous design quality control; Establish various parts library and structure library of car lamp.

The project management

Project team:Team type project team;From the early project technical communication, process control, post-sale service to unify;Project team incentives

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